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We live in a world where economic activity is global in scale. National boundaries now matter very little to decisions about where goods are made and services provided: your PC might be made in Taiwan; when you contact a call centre the person answering might live in India; and when you come to the University of Dundee you will meet staff and students from all over the world.

By studying international business you will understand how this has come about, and what it means for today’s business world. You will be fully equipped to develop your own career in this new and challenging work environment.


Available Course Options
  • International Business
  • International Business with E-Commerce
  • International Business with Financial Management
  • International Business with French
  • International Business with German
  • International Business with Marketing
  • International Business with Spanish



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Scottish and EU students: Fees for September 2019 entry are subject to confirmation by the UK Government and will be published when confirmed.
Rest of UK students: £16,450 per year of study

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