Personal Statement: (Personal Statement)

1. Introduction of yourself. (atleast 50 to 80 words)
2. Why have you chosen to study the course?
● How does the course link to future career plans?
● How will the course enhance your current knowledge- related to course module?
3. Why you want to study in UK?
4. How the course will benefit your future career plans?
● We must explain how the chosen course will benefit your career.
5. How does the course relate to the previous studies?
● If your previous course is in a different field, you must clearly state why you want to study your chosen course and how this links to your future career plans.
● If you have any gaps in study/work, clearly state what you have been doing during this period and why you are resuming to study– include dates.
6. Research conducted regarding the course, University and UK
● Research location/study resource & facilities
● Know the modules on the course and reference where possible in your statement

7. Reason to choose University
● Do you have any knowledge of the University/city where we are located?
8. Explain how your previous course and chosen course at this university are linked.
9. Explain why you require 2nd master’s degree at the university.
10. Explain how your previous course and chosen course at the university combined will help your future career plans.
11. What you intend to do after completing this course?
12. It is important to link you previous and prospective course to your future career plans.